December 2013 Goals

#TBT: When Ryan and I went to Elendan Gardens on Halloween of 2010. This was right before he proposed!
During November, I didn't make a list of goals and unfortunately I didn't accomplish much at all in October. My anxiety has been going up and down a whole bunch in the past few months, but I'm hoping that in December I can channel that energy into completing the stuff on this list!

Keep up with a normal sleep schedule
So far, it's not so good. Along with not accomplishing much, my anxiety has also been negatively affecting my ability to sleep (more than usual). I was told by a friend that I should pretty much just sleep when I'm tired and eventually my body should be able to regulate my schedule again. That's now my plan. I may change this goal to "revert back to a normal sleep schedule," but for now I'll keep it as is.
I really do enjoy baking, and what's a better time to do it than the holidays?! I'm thinking cookies and pies, for sure.
Organize hallway closet
Our hallway closet is a mess. We pretty much just have bits and bobs thrown in there, but since it's a super large closet with shelves and everything, it's going to get overwhelming soon if we don't figure out a system for it. I figure this will be at the end of the month when we need to pack up our Christmas stuff.
Decorate the apartment
Hooray for this being our first Christmas living in our own place together! We can't really go all out like we'd like to because of budgeting (since we literally are starting at zero Christmas decorations), but even just stringing up some lights, adding a wreath to the door, and putting together the tree will do!
Plan a giveaway
I've been storing some things away for my next giveaway and I'd like to do one before the end of this year!
Blog more often
Again, this is something very much affected by my anxiety. I've been planning out posts and taking pictures of things, but I need to get everything together. I'm working on a bunch of holiday-themed stuff for Kitsch Vixen right now though! (It hasn't all been my anxiety! I've been having trouble with lighting in my pictures, my skin acting weird, the skin tag under my eye, and still trying to perfect close up shots without a close up lens for my camera. This month will be better, I'm optimistic!)
Read a full book
I might cheat on this goal since I'm expecting a few cute holiday books. Depending on how many things I plan to do for the blog and how everything pans out, I may not have the time to get through a full length novel (I'll also blame the fact that I'm marathoning Charmed). If that's what ends up happening, I'll definitely still read a book, whether it be a super short one or a makeup book that I'm partially through already!
Decide on my next hair transformation
I'm debating whether I should keep on with the pink and blue or change it up the next time I go to get my hair done. Half black and half white has really been my dream hair for years, but I know from experience how much of a pain black can be to get out of hair if/when I want to change it up again. What do you guys think?!
Marathon the Die Hard movies again
Yep. I think I know what I'm doing on Christmas Eve! Haha.
Curl my hair
This and the previous goal are both from my 24 Before 25 list. I think that Christmas would be a great time to actually style my hair instead of just quickly brushing it and throwing it into a bun like I always do.

So, what are your goals this month?

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  1. why not instead of black, just do dark brown? that's much easier to get out than black? and maybe not quite so harsh?
    I remember when my hair was (ACCIDENTALLY) black and man, I hated the way it looked on me, but you have nicer skin than me so really I'm just rambling here lol
    I'm actually wanting a hair transition. I really want to shave some of my hair but I also want really short bangs, but I also want to keep my middle part, so I'm REALLY REALLY CONFUSED

    1. Hm, that's definitely an option! I just think I really like the harshness. XD
      You should get an undercut! I've had one since (if I remember correctly...) freshman year of high school! There was a few times that I let it grow out so I could have a mohawk and I've had a few mohawks with the undercut. I have so much hair that when I leave my hair down, no one can tell half of my hair is gone! Asymmetrical bobs are great if you want people to know it's shaved all the time and you can still do a middle part and really short bangs. It's actually the haircut I got last, it's just all grown out. :)

  2. Started watching Die Hard for the first time ever last night. So far, so good. :)

    1. The second movie is pretty good, but the first and third are definitely my favorites! The newer ones are okay as well. My hubby hated the most recent one, but I thought it wasn't bad for trying to tie things together. It's definitely one of my favorite movie series... plus I have a major crush on Bruce Willis!

  3. I hate when anxiety gets so bad that it starts affecting your sleep! As a super last resort I take an allergy pill to help me sleep at a 'reasonable' time.

    You should definitely go for half black and half white!! I want to do that one day but the black does sound scary lol Doesn't Special Effects or other veggie dyes have a black color... maybe that would fade?

    1. It's the worst! I actually already do that. Since I'm allergic to pet dander, I need to take a daily allergy pill and I always take mine at night. I might start taking my Zzzquil again, but it makes me so sleepy all of the time. (Makes me sleep though!)

      I honestly never thought about using black from a company that makes veggie color dyes! I'll look into it. Thank you!


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