→ New Product: NYX Wicked Lippies

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Take a walk on the wicked side with our jewel-toned lippies available in 12 shimmering shades. Velvety smooth with a dazzling metallic finish, these richly pigmented lipsticks will leave your lips with the ultimate spellbinding look. [source]

The Wicked Lippies by NYX Cosmetics are available now. Like the Macaron Lippies, they're only $6.00!

Which colors are your favorites?

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  1. I like so many of these, but a bright/dark lip just doesn't work on me...I think the only one I would actually wear is Mischievious (which is good news for my finances).

  2. Mischievous would probably work well over other lipsticks as well!

  3. Oh wow! These look amazing! Now I'm off to see if they sell them in Australia!

  4. Betrayal caught my eye immediately. It's such a lovely color. I just recently discovered NYX cosmetics and I love that their stuff is so affordable while still being of good quality.

  5. They are all so rad but I love scandalous. Such a neon blue.

  6. Scandalous and stone cold are my favorites. Awesome shades!!

    - Harlynn

  7. Those are some pretty fierce shades! I would love to wear all of them! (I just need the balls as well)


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