RTT Vol. 6: September 2013 Goals

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Here's a Throw Back Thursday picture of me working at Putney Mountain Winery inside of a Basketville (lolwut) in VT. I miss that job so much! I hosted wine tastings and it was awesome. If I move back to Vermont, I would go work there again without a doubt.

I really like making lists. I know, surprise, right? I also seem to be unmotivated to do much of anything recently, so a list of goals seems like a good idea. Having my husband being on nights makes me feel more tired than normal because I hardly see the sun and I feel like if I make this list of goals, it will hold me accountable to do at least a few of these things. Hooray!

  • Let my eyebrows grow in so they can be reshaped.
    I've been dissatisfied with the shape of my eyebrows for a while, ever since I got them done at the salon on base. They did a number on my brows! Though I get really self-conscious about my super bushy eyebrows, it will be worth it to reshape them next month!

  • Have at least one video done and uploaded onto my YouTube channel.
    I still have no idea what video editing program I should use/how to use a video editing program, nor do I have an idea of where I'll be filming. This one will be the most difficult for me, I think, but the most rewarding for me as well.

  • Figure out how to use my new camera.
    I've already started reading the beginning of the manual, which is SO LONG. I still don't have a memory card, so I haven't even turned the camera on yet.

  • Do my nails at least once.
    I was actually going to do this earlier, but one of my nails broke off way too far down on my finger and got all bloody and gross and painful so I'll have to wait for my nail to grow out enough to where I can shape it a little bit before I do all of my nails.

  • Buy a YSL lipstick.
    This is probably the easiest thing on my list. If I don't manage to pick a color before the end of the month, I'll be super disappointed in myself. Haha.

  • Make funfetti brownies.
    I've already made a pie this month, so I'm hoping I'll still have a bit of that motivation left in me to bake more!

  • Make an appointment to get contacts.
    I'm terrified of the telephone. I am so bad at making appointments because not only do I need to talk to someone I don't know on the phone, but then that means I have to go to the appointment. I do know that most people on base need to wait for months for an actual appointment with the eye doctor though, so maybe that will help? Maybe?

  • Start taking my medication that I was prescribed in early August.
    (Oops!) This kind of goes with the point I made above. Once I start taking the medication, I need to make a follow up appointment within a week.

  • Finish Stone Angel by Carol O'Connell.
    I absolutely adore reading, but it seems like once I don't have a job, I stop doing it on the regular. That sounds weird when you don't know that I had some free time to read at work, whether I was done with everything for the day or on my lunch break.

    I think this is a good amount of things to do this month. Wish me luck!
    Do you make monthly lists?


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    1. I can't wait to see your you tube video. :) *sequels with excitement*

      1. Hooray! I have to figure out what my first video is going to be!

    2. Number one is for sure on my list for this month too.

      1. I didn't realize how difficult letting my brows grow in really was! We'll be brow buddies! :3


    I always appreciate all of your comments! Thank you so much for supporting my blog. <3