ModCloth's Prezzie, Set, Go! Sale

Here are some super affordable options that I, personally, would love to have gifted to me and clearly I have amazing taste, so anyone would be happy to get anything in this list! (Can't you tell that I'm really modesty?)

Works Wonders Throw Blanket | Antler to Your Questions Ring | Tea Creature Mug | Holding Pattern Makeup Bag | Feline Cozy Pillow | Akin to Adorable Necklace | FĂȘte Along Swimmingly Bottle Opener | Mural Maven Satchel | Contain Your Excitement Sugar Canister

Anything in the sale catch your eye? Are you buying for a friend or for yourself?

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*This post contains affiliate links.


  1. That tea creature mug is perfect! They sell those at the campus bookstore, but they don't have an octopus one!

    1. Yes! I love them! A few years ago I got a pair of them with otters on the bottom. Soooo cute.


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