→ Life Update & 24 Before 25 Outcome

My birthday presents from the hubby! I'm a 25 year old child.

I'm twenty-five now and I didn't do a great job with my 24 before 25 list. This past year my mental health has been the worst it has ever been. Well, to be fair, it wasn't the whole year, but it was the majority. I'm mostly blaming my (now crippling) anxiety on my quitting smoking. I relied on cigarettes much more than I ever thought I did. This past month I left my apartment twice. I'd really like to work on doing more things and trying to get out of my comfort zone. Anyway, with that said, here's the outcome of my 24 before 25.

1. Start my YouTube channel.
2. Be happy with my hair.
I loved my half/half hair the second and third time around!
3. Get rid of unwanted clothing and accessories.
4. Wear orange lipstick.
5. Curl my hair.
6. Visit the aquarium.
It was awesome. I really want to go again though since I was feeling awful when I went in June.
7. Go shopping in Fukuoka.
8. Visit the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.
9. Try Japanese cosmetics.
10. Bake something from scratch.
I did this a whole lot!
11. Get my couponing all sorted.
I'll probably need to go through them again soon, but that's the nature of couponing.
12. Get another tattoo/start Sailor Moon half-sleeve.
13. Visit a shrine.
14. Make something.
I put together my makeup storage... I think that's why I crossed this off. I'm sure I made something else, but I can't remember! Wompwomp.
15. Set up a space for my shoes.
It's not perfect, but I don't have all of my shoes out here. We bought a little cupboard and I stashed my shoes inside (and on top) of it in our living room closet.
16. Do my nails more. At least once, come on, you're a beauty blogger - get it together!
I did my nails several times! Unfortunately now that I have a baking business, I can't really have nail polish on if I don't want to wear gloves, but that's okay. I can still buff and file them.
17. Buy a YSL lipstick.
I got this done pretty close to when I made the list. I think I'll be treating myself to more luxury makeup.
18. Marathon all of the Die Hard movies (again).
I think the hubby and I did this around Christmas time? Die Hard is definitely a Christmas movie! (Don't ask my husband though cos he doesn't agree...)
19. Start the How to Be a Fat Bitch E-Course.
20. Do the Japanese Rosetta Stone.
21. Try a cream blusher.
22. Perfect the art of glitter brows.
23. Play a drinking game.
24. Make funfetti brownies.
I finally made a batch that cooked through! Hooray!

All in all, I'm happy with what I achieved under the circumstances.

On a different note, I've also been sick for the past month or so and my insomnia is going strong, so I apologize for my lack of posts. I'm currently being treated for my lack of sleep and my doctor and I are going to work on a few other things for my handful of health issues. Hooray!

In light of that, I'm looking forward to doing a ton of new things this year and I'll be doing my best to getting back into the makeup and blogging swing of things.

What have you accomplished lately?

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  1. I think you did pretty good with your list! Would love to see what you've been baking :) x x x

  2. Thanks! I'll probably be doing a post about it! I need to be better at taking pictures of food.

  3. One thing I wanted to do this summer was to visit a farm and pick my own fruits. I am glad i did. I think you did good with you list.

  4. I do! My husband is stationed out here. :)

  5. Ooh, I always loved picking my own fruits! What did you get?

  6. I am officially super duper jealous! I love Japanese culture!!! If you ever want a penpal for exchanging stuff from the states let me know!

  7. i also wanna do the japanese rosetta stone. one day. when i'm rich xD

  8. I was lucky, I got level 1 at my bridal shower. I learned some basic phrases when I first got to Japan though so I just haven't used mine yet!

  9. I think you made a very good dent in that list! Your birthday presents look great - I'm a 37 year old child...you don't grow out of it ;) Loving your blog, hope you get some sleep soon!

    Oh, and Die Hard is most definitely a Christmas movie.

  10. Those presents are amazing. I think you should be proud of what you managed to accomplish from your list, all things considered. You still made a pretty big dent! Also, a Sailor Moon half-sleeve sounds awesome.

  11. Thanks! I'll still be a child as I get older, for sure!


  12. I'm bummed that I wasn't able to save up for it yet. I really need to check out the tattoo parlor that's in my area first, but I'd love to start my Sailor Moon sleeve while I live in Japan!

  13. I'm slowly learning by watching anime xD Sad I know but it's kinda working!

  14. Not sad, super impressive! I don't know if I'd be able to learn that way!

  15. When you perfect the art of glitter brows please do a tutorial because that sounds wicked rad. :)


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