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The amazing and talented Val from The Tiny Hobo has launched a Kickstarter campaign! As you (should) know, I'm a huge fan of Val's. I love her designs not only because they are adorable, but they're also body-positive! In the past I've featured her work in a wishlist, a Kitsch's Caboodles, and my Small Business Saturday post, so if you've missed those, go check them out!

Anyways, I'd like to share The Tiny Hobo's Kickstarter with you all!

Hi there! My name is Valerie, and many of you may know me as The Tiny Hobo. I'm an illustrator, jewelry maker, Etsy seller, day dreamer, and an advocate for happiness. I started my business in 2010, and it's been a life changing journey every step of the way.

As many of you may know, I've worked with tshirt companies in the past, making cute, girly, body positive designs for plus size clothing, and some of you may even own some of these shirts (thanks!)! I am so incredibly grateful for the companies I've had the opportunity to work with, as they've given me a platform to stand on and introduced me to a whole new field to explore.

I made a personal decision to part ways with the companies I was working with, and since then I've received an incredible amount of emails asking where my designs have gone. I was really touched and inspired by the amount of positive feedback I received, and because of this, I've decided to start my own line of apparel, created completely in-house by yours truly!

Why do I want to do ALL OF THIS WORK by myself when other people could do it for me?! Am I crazy? Maybe! But I am also incredibly passionate about overseeing every single step of the process when creating my art, so creating apparel independently is the best way for me to do that. Since I am essentially sharing a piece of my soul with the world and having it printed on shirts for you to wear all over the world, I want to make sure that every single product with my name on it is something that I am 100% satisfied with and can proudly stand behind.

I am envisioning this project growing huge with your help. I plan on launching the apparel line starting with tshirts, featuring old designs you've grown to love, as well as new designs you've yet to see. As this project grows, I want to branch into other clothing items and accessories: long sleeve shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, bags and pocket books, wallets, hair bows, hats--as I see it, the sky is the limit!

One of the most important aspects of this project is making sure that I am size inclusive. Being that I am a passionate advocate for the self-love and body positive movements, I want to make sure that I can offer the most extensive spectrum of sizes possible while keeping the apparel comfortable, stylish--and most importantly, affordable. And, being that I am a chunky chick myself and hover between a 2X-3X, I sure as hell want to make clothing that I can wear and love!

I hope to start off this project with offering women's sizes from XSmall up to at least 4XLarge, but even as you're reading this I will be on the hunt for distributors who can offer me larger sizes at affordable prices. I will NEVER charge extra for extended sizes, because I believe that everybody has the right to wear cute, stylish clothing at a price that won't destroy their wallets. I intend on making this line as inclusive as possible, so I'm not labeling it as a plus-size brand or a straight-size brand. It's a brand for anyone who wants to wear some freakin' cute stuff on their bodies!

I also want to make sure the garments and printing techniques I use are of the utmost quality, so if you donate to this project or buy an item from me in the future, I want you to rest assured that it will be downright awesome. I will only be purchasing professional-grade materials and ordering from companies that are trusted, honest, and ethical.

In short: I just want to make cute things that everyone can wear, and I would love your help to make this dream a reality!

There are a large handful of different tiers and some awesome incentives! I personally got this one: A colorful, original sketch illustrated by yours truly, and a thank you card also illustrated by me! A Tiny Hobo sampler pack, which will include an assortment of buttons, art prints, and jewelry made by me! I cannot wait!

I'm really big on supporting local and small businesses, so I'd like to make "Indie Crowdfunding" a regular-ish installation if you guys like it and share with you some interesting Kickstarters, Indiegogos, etc! Whatcha think?

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