Kitsch’s Caboodle Vol. 1

Now introducing to you a new installment: Kitsch's Caboodle! This is where I roundup all of the things on the internet that I think are interesting, cute, inspiring, helpful, etc. I've been wanting to do one of these for a while and I'm so glad I picked this week to start because there are some awesome things I'd like to share with you all.

Let's start off with this video:
Yeah. A kitten eating a watermelon. I feel like this shouldn't need any explanation.

The Militant Baker wrote about How To Kick Ass On A Daily Basis which I think is one of the most important things for a person to do. This lady is always so inspiring and really knows how to get me motivated and feel like a babe.

Big, Beautiful, and Bold posted an extraordinary post about F-A-T: Trampling the Taboo. I'm trying to remember how I found her blog; I think she commented on a blog that I read regularly and I followed through to her page? All I know is that she is an eloquent writer and expressed how I feel about the word "fat" beautifully!

Uh, can we talk about how much I love The Tiny Hobo? Yes? Good. First off, I actually know this babely lady in real life. What?! You're super jealous because you love her artwork? I know, you should be... I would be if I were you. Secondly, CUPCAKE QUEEN? I think I need this so I can do another version of my I Am The Cupcake Queen OOTD. Also, check out her shop and tell me you don't think that her work isn't magical, I freakin' dare you!

I'm going to end this with video dating clips from the 80s.
Yep. You're welcome.

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