RTT Vol. 2: Miranda

I honestly feel like these types of posts are the most difficult for me. They're not necessarily super time consuming, but apparently if I don't have a specific border to stay in and I can write about anything and everything, I can never think of what I want to write about. Weird.

So now that I've sat here with this tab open and browsed Pinterest for the last hour, I think I've come up with something that someone might want to read.

Miranda is a TV show (in England of course, sigh) that is just seriously funny. Hulu has added the first series and you all need to watch it. It's only 6 episodes and it will make your abs hurt from laughing so much. Miranda Hart plays a 34 year old single lady who has her own joke shop. Her mother is obsessed with marrying her off, her best friend is a quirky responsibility addict, and she's in love with a chef who works in the restaurant next to her apartment/shop. She is awkward and clumsy and I love her.

This clip is from the fifth (or fourth, I don't remember) episode:

Here's a "Best Of" Series 1 if you need more convincing:

Get your butts in gear and watch it! Miranda Hart is a genius comedian and it's all just so British!

Have you seen Miranda yet?

Are you a fan of wacky British sitcoms like I am?


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