Wishlist Vol. 4: Black Milk Clothing

I had a very much needed "Girls' Night In" after work yesterday, so I didn't have any time to put together a blog post. Sorry! I know I'm a day behind, but this wishlist is totally worth the wait!

Yip Yip Yip Leggings
When I saw that BMC was launching a Yip Yip Yip swimsuit, I knew that I needed the print as leggings... And here they are! Omgerz.
Artoo Swimsuit
This came out a long while ago, and I was in looooove! I'm also pretty sure that my husband would approve of this design, ya know, being a huge Star Wars nerd and all.

Jellyfish Pink Leggings
Jellyfish always made me happy as a kid. I don't know why, though. Now they remind me of my hubby. For Valentines Day, he got me a jellyfish tank with rubber jellyfish that lit up different colors and he also got me a SUPER CUTE jellyfish plushie from the aquarium in Sasebo.

Mermaid Leggings
Okay, seriously. I want to be a mermaid. Don't judge me.

Evil Cheerleader Lace Dress
This dress is just really pretty. I love lace overlays and fit and flares, so together it's definitely a go for me!

Junkfood Yellow Leggings
I also have this weird thing where I want all of the clothing with food prints on them. Ice cream, cheeseburgers, cookies, candy - GIVE ME ALL THE JUNK FOOD CLOTHES.

Watermelon Skater Skirt
Oh, and fruit prints too. :3

Muscles Leggings
Last but not least is the Muscles Leggings. I found these years ago while searching for something on google (I think it had something to do with a cuff bracelet that looked like meat, don't ask) and that's how I came across Black Milk Clothing. I just think that this idea was really well executed and I want a pair for my legging collection!

Black Milk Clothing has a whole slew of different legging prints, swimsuits, bodysuits, skirts, tops, dresses, catsuits, and suspenders. I love pretty much everything that they make, but since it's a pretty high price point, I've never been able to buy from them. My one other dilemma with BMC is that they do not cater to plus size people. Some of their clothing is made in an XL (that I think I could sqeeeeeeze into), but I haven't seen anything larger than that.

Do you have anything from Black Milk Clothing?
What are your favorites?

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