Kitsch's Caboodles Vol. 4

kittens, ice cream, ice cream cone, ice cream shop, cats, pastels, art print
Triple Kitten Cone by Sugar Junkie Shop needs to be hung on my wall... like a month ago.

The Militant Baker shed some light on Why We've Learned To Hate Ourselves. She gives us a history lesson, and it's awesome.

The Whimsical Days made a delicious looking Apple Brown Betty and shared the recipe!

Style Bizarre made a post about one of my favorite styles: Kinderwhore. Think florals and denim and Courtney Love.

moth, necklace, moth necklace, etsy, handmade jewelry, handmade
This Yellow Long Moth Necklace by Pop Starts Crafts is awesome and only six dollars! What?!

Temptalia gave us her top 5 Gorgeous Lipsticks for Autumn (2013 Edition). I'm so excited for more people to be rocking dark lip colors!

Becky Bedbug shared with us some excerpts from her Diaries April-September 2005 and let me tell you, we would have gotten along nicely in school.


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  1. Love Jes from The Militant Baker. :O

    I didn't know Kinderwhore was a style?! I really like it :D

    1. Heck yes! I freakin' love Kinderwhore and I wish that I could find more clothing in plus sizes. I miss being able to wear cutesy 90s babydolls with my Doc Martens. XD

    2. Thank you for including me in your list <3 And yes, long live the kinderwhore style! It is appropriate I think cause 90s are back anyway, so why shouldn't we revamp Courtney Love style? <3 <3 You can definitely find these dresses in all sizes though, just keep rummaging thrift stores! (that's one of my favourite things in the world hahaha)

    3. No problem, thank you for the awesome blog post! <3
      The thrift stores I live near don't have any plus size clothing, unfortunately. Maybe the next time I visit the states, I will thrift until I can't thrift anymore!

  2. I have watched so many of those honest trailers, they make me laugh so much. And I LOVE that ice cream print. I think it needs to go on my wall as well.

    1. Batman & Robin was one of my favorite movies as a kid, so when I saw that honest trailers did one for B&R, oh man! Hilarious!
      We can be art twins!

  3. I love Jes, she's like my ultimate hero! Also, dark lips?? Count me in. I'm really excited for it to finally be fashionable again!
    Thanks for featuring me :)

    1. Dark vampy lips are the best. :3
      You're welcome! <3


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