Countdown to Kitschmas: Holiday Cheer Tag

Ryan and I enjoying the holiday festivities at his extended family's house last Christmas! He was actually having fun, but isn't a really big fan of pictures (as you can probably tell). Also, do you totally love his "evil villain" brows?! We do.

What is your favorite holiday movie?
Currently it's Red/Red 2, I think. For my all-time favorites, click here.

Do you have any holiday traditions?
My parents and I had a few, but no traditions with my hubby just yet! (This is our first Christmas alone!)

What is your favorite holiday candy?
Terry's dark chocolate oranges! Ugh, so good, and I'm super bummed that I can't find them out here in Japan! Here's hoping my parents send me one (or four)!

What is your favorite winter candle scent?
I've just started burning candles, so Evergreen from Bath & Body Works is really the only "wintery" smell I've burned so far, but I'm really enjoying it.

Gloves or mittens?
Glittens, for sure. (Those gloves with the finger tops cut off and the fold-over mitten top thing!) If I had to pick one or the other, I would say gloves.

What is your favorite holiday memory?
I don't know if I have one favorite holiday memory. (Most of my holidays have been awesome cos my family is awesome. Just sayin.') I do specifically remember when my parents got me a Nintendo 64 for Christmas though!

Do you stay in your pajamas or get ready for Christmas morning?
Get ready? Psh. I'm in my PJs until I need to leave the house (or have company over).

What is your favorite holiday song?
December is for Cynics by The Matches!

Who is the most difficult person on your list to shop for?
My dad. He hates everything. Not really, but all he says every year is "long sleeve shirts" and I like getting people interesting, personal gifts so... yeah. I always get him a pooper though! (Ya know, those plastic animals that you fill with jelly beans and then they poop them out? We're a real classy family for sure. Just for the record, he doesn't like them, but it's kind of become a "thing" so I'll stop once I run out of animals or holiday characters to choose from.) If he does like the real present(s) I get him, it is really satisfying because you can never tell with my dad.

Eggnog or hot chocolate?
I'm more of a hot chocolate gal. If you have never tried Land O Lakes' Classic Raspberry Hot Cocoa mix you are totally missing out!

Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?
Yes! (I may or may not have just typed them all out and then deleted it, but I don't want anyone else cheating who does the tag, so you'll just have to take my word on this one. XD)

What's the funniest or weirdest gift you have ever received?
Err, I don't know? I wish I could think of something!

Any New Year's Resolutions? Do you actually stick to them?
I used to make them when I was younger, but I wouldn't ever really stick to them so now I do my monthly goal lists instead.

What is the number one thing on your Christmas/holiday wishlist?
For my hubby to have the day off. Ya know, cos since it's our first Christmas together in our own place, he's working from 0600 to 1800, which means he's gone from about 0500 to anywhere around 1930. COOL.

Do you have a real or fake tree?
This year is my first year with a fake tree.

Do you buy your presents in advance or wait until the last minute?
Both. Sometimes I'll buy someone something in July if I find the perfect present and it's at an awesome price. Other times I wait until the very last minute and only shopping online this year has made that a bit difficult.

Do you get a white Christmas where you live?
Not sure. It hasn't snowed here yet and I hear that where we are in Japan, it doesn't snow too much. Wompwomp! I'll just live vicariously through all of my family and friends' pictures of their white Christmases.

I tag all of you and as always, if you do this tag as well then post your answers or blog post in the comments!

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  1. Glittens all the way! I found the perfect pair for $15 during the summer time! I held on to them because I knew... winter was coming...

  2. It's my first Christmas alone with the husband too. I'm super keen to make our own traditions. I think we need to watch red 2. :)


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