Countdown to Kitscshmas: YouTube Video Countdown

When I'm on the computer and I'm not reading/writing blogs (or shopping), I'm watching YouTube videos. Here is my top ten (with added bonuses!!) holiday themed videos.

Ten: It's Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas

An adorable song with a few awesome internet famous cats! It's technically an ad, but it's adorable nonetheless.

Nine: A Cat's Guide To Christmas

Wow, another cat video, how unexpected!

Eight: Miranda Hart's Christmas Acting Masterclass

I totally love Miranda (and her show) and here she teaches you how to express your "love" for a gift.

Seven: My Drunk Kitchen - Christmas Cupcakes

I've been a Hartosexual for many, many years and I can confidently say that I have never screamed during an episode... until this one.

Six: Brett Domino Trio - Ultimate Christmas Medley

Brett Domino Trio is an awesome band that plays on obscure musical instruments who are awkward and amazing and they did a 16 minute 40 song medley.

BONUS: Hello Mistletoe (Goodbye Cold Snow)

This is a Brett Domino Trio original featured in the medley above. It's super catchy!

Five: Simon's Cat in Christmas Presence (Part 1)

Simon's Cat reminds me so much of Magenta in this episode because she hates the singing/blinking Christmas tree plush we bought.

Four: Mythical Beast Christmas Special Hosted by Rhett and Link

This is a pretty sweet Christmas special. There's time travelling puppets, talk of taxidermy, a time capsule, YouTube closed caption fail of Jingle Bells, and so much more. If you have the 28 minutes, I suggest spending it watching this Christmas special.

Three: The Christmas Tree

I watch this video every single year.

Two: Christmas Sweatz

Christmas Sweatz is the best and it features Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart. Definitely going to be a Christmas classic.

BONUS: Christmas Face

Couldn't forget about the follow-up they all did this year!

One: Simon's Cat Santa Claws

Wow! Surprise! A video with a cat in it! I've watched this bunches and it never gets old. Super cute.

LiL BUB'S Magical Yule Log Video

I don't know about you all, but I grew up with the Yule Log on the TV and it's like the Yule Log got a magical makeover! Good Job, BUB!

Do you have any favorites?!
Have a safe and happy Christmas to all of you who celebrate!

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