Kitschmas 2013!

Christmas this year was on the 26th instead of the 25th cos Ryan had to work from 0500-1900. Here's a bunch of pictures of our decor and the things we did and got!

christmas cards
The Christmas cards that made it here before Christmas!
singing tree, candle, snow globes, r2d2, grumpy cat
Our tiny space of decorations. Complete with singing/dancing/blinking tree, Fresh Balsam candle, candy dish, and R2D2 and Grumpy Cat snow globes!
santa ornament

cat ornament

beer ornament

house ornament

dalek ornament
This Dalek can't exterminate cos its plunger and egg beater broke off during its travels!
diet coke ornament

angel cat ornament

christmas tree



christmas coffee cake muffin
The famous coffee cake my mom makes every year! I didn't have a tube pan, so instead I made giant muffins.
lil bub's magical yule log
Lil BUB's Magical Yule Log on while we opened presents! Good job, BUB!
terry's chocolate oranges
There were no chocolate oranges out here in Japan, so my parents sent one for each of us!
roseanne x2
Clearly my husband and I like the same things and have the same ideas for gifts...
sega genesis
The "big gift" I got for Ryan (and also for me)!
3ds, pokemon x
The "big gift" Ryan got for me! Leave me your 3DS friend codes in the comments! Mine is 5258 0424 3043.
the nightmare before christmas
Keeping with one of my personal traditions and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas!
christmas dinner
Christmas dinner!

christmas cracker jokes
Ending off the post with the amazing jokes I got in my Christmas cracker!

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday! (Also, I hope you all have an extraordinary 2014!)

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  1. I love your Christmas decorations, I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year and I wish you lots of luck and happiness for 2014 xx

    1. Thank you so much, Nikki! The same to you! <3

  2. Your chocolate oranges are so fancy! Ours look like this:


    1. Our chocolate oranges used to look similar to yours when I was growing up! I remember that wrapper. :)

  3. Such a cute Christmas! Where is that Grumpy Cat snow globes from? I need one! :)

    1. I got mine from Urban Outfitter's website. :D

  4. That Genesis clone is amazing!! And I also NEED your Grumpy Cat snow globe.

    1. Right?! I was so excited when I found it! The snow globe is from UO. :)

  5. Uhhh I need a Diet Coke ornament. Love it!

    1. It's from Urban Outfitter's website! I love that it has glitter around the top of it. :3

  6. Merry Christmas, Cait! <3 I love Roseanne, too! That is hilarious that you guys gave each other the same gift!

    1. Happy Christmas! I hope you had a great holiday!
      Right?! I really didn't think that would happen. XD

  7. YAY! Rozanne on DVD! So rad. Love your Star Wars snow globe too. Merry Christmas.

    1. I can't wait to do a Rosanne marathon! Thanks. Merry Christmas!


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